agoohaMay 11, 2021

Penis fillers in the United Kingdom are on the rise despite warnings over complications. In the same way that butt and boob fillers have become increasingly common in recent years, a large number of men are opting for the procedure, with around 130 men coming in every month. Stuart Price is a beneficiary who feels […]

Vivian DohJanuary 26, 2021

Nutrient deficiencies in human beings are caused as a result of malnutrition and thus,  have been reported by researchers as part of the leading public health problem in the world. The Graviola or Soursop fruit is well known within countries around the world, hence conferred with dissimilar names like Brazillian pawpaw,  thorny custard apple, guanabana, […]

Vivian DohJanuary 19, 2021

  Crabs are renowned for their cranky demeanor, high nutritional quality since they are commonly enjoyed delicacy in parts of the world of which Ghana is not exempted. It is good for the human body and falls under the classification of shell foods such as Shrimps, Sea snails, Oysters, Crayfish, Lobster. Myth buster: There are […]

agoohaJanuary 12, 2021

Actress Nana Akua Addo’s daughter Diamond Ohemaa Dokua has been signed as the new Brand Ambassador for  Meddy’s hair spar. As reported by the Nigerian based hair product for kids signed the daughter of the international model to promote its market with her stunning afro-hair style and beauty. Ohemaa Dokua looks very much like […]

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