Penis enlargement gets popular in UK


Penis fillers in the United Kingdom are on the rise despite warnings over complications.

In the same way that butt and boob fillers have become increasingly common in recent years, a large number of men are opting for the procedure, with around 130 men coming in every month.

Stuart Price is a beneficiary who feels that having a larger penis will make him feel better about himself.

Speaking to the BBC, Stuart said, “I want a bigger penis. I think, like obviously, if it makes you feel a bit better, and you feel better in yourself, why not?” Ameyaw Debrah reported. 

Penis fillers are designed to increase the organ’s girth. The procedure is non-surgical and involves injecting liquid into the soft tissue under the skin of the shaft to increase a man’s girth. It now costs about 3,500 Pounds.

However, health experts have advised against using the fillers because they can induce a severe tissue reaction, and in many cases, the entire penis shaft skin is re-grafted with skin from another part of the body.

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